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Knowledge at door step

Kids are happy online

As the curiosity and learning behavior is very obvious in children hence online teaching make them more comfortable and selective in different available choices.

Government ready.

As technological pace grows up so in accordance with it many schools, colleges and coaching institutions are turning towards delivering the education online.

Are you Ready?

It is very genuine question to all parent and students that is this mode of education really worth full?

If yes, then why people are not excepting this model of education and why they are waiting that government make this kind of education compulsory for all courses in all arena of education. I am sure if government makes this kind of education mandatory then it may panic all citizens, but if we would be ready from prior to accept this change of education then it will not be so much difficult for us to cope up there and cross the barrier of technology


Changing face of Education

As we know that in our society good and talented minds exists butas a contrasting fact we can’t ignore that they are limited in every field be it politics, sports or education. Every person has got limited time to deal with their customer or audience and also to serve or provide with their talent, so it becomes a necessity to take the help of technology to cross this barrier of limitedness. Same is true in the realm of education, for instance,a teacher can teach maximum 24×seven but not more than that, and practically it is impossible too!
An individual teacher can’t teach numerous students in an effective way but if equipped with technological advancements masses of students can be addressed and taught by the same individual, and this is already being considered by some entrepreneurs, and they are working towards its implementation.
If we try to encompass different aspects and angles of technology, which has been incorporated till now in the teaching sector then it truly indicates that the sole future of education is online where we can cross the barrier of limitedness and exploit it many folds.


Important points

  • Before starting any online coaching students and parent must clear following points
  • Lectures are mobile friendly.
  • Classes schedule is flexible or fix?
  • Is there any scope for two way communication between faculty and students?
  • Study materials are updated and presented in easy language.
  • Are tests regular and meets the requirement of your entrance exam?
  • Test discussion is regular and periodical
  • All India ranking available or not.
  • Are subject experts student friendly or very rigid?

Are you ready for the current ongoing change in education??????

In the current scenario as a country grows up then it greatly needs technological advancements, and it is readily being accepted by India and other developing countries in the fields of education. This becomes more relevant when the government is also taking several initiatives for online education. Hence, it is advised to all students and parents that they must be ready to face new vistas of education and the changes which are yet to come

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